Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Wonderful Week of Toys: Day Six

Remember that monkey-wrench I mentioned a couple days back?

Some of you may know him best as Niddler the monkey-bird from Hanna-Barbera's fantasy-based animated series, The Pirates of Dark Water. Originally airing as a five-part mini-series, and referred to only as Dark Water, the program gained an immediate cult-following. A year later, sixteen additional episodes were produced, and they would air as part of ABC's Saturday morning line-up. Hasbro Toys picked up the license that same year and created several action-figures based on the series.

I have fond memories of the cartoon, but never owned any of the toys when the show was first broadcast back in 1991. When I spotted Niddler, along with a handful of other figures from the line, sitting in a random plastic bin at the flea market this past Sunday, well, I wasn't going to leave him behind.

And yeah, he's a little rough; the paint worn from his beak, and various scuff-marks littering his feathered frame. I still love him though, despite the flaws and imperfections. Maybe even because of them. It's almost like I enjoy the idea that his previous owner actually played with him quite a bit, loved him more than the Batman or Power Ranger figures they had, too. I imagine story-lines where a sidekick like Niddler was able to be the hero, to save the day when no one else could.


  1. Yes!!!!!!! I love this show growing up. When you first posted the figure and the mentioned the show, I immediately fell into a rift in time and space. Transported back to a simpler time...full of cereal and cartoons. Awesome find bud!!!!

  2. Cool i remember seeing these figures at KayBee Toys back in the days before i was buying toys.

  3. I have the pirate guy!! I loved this line! My only complaint was that they never made the girl. I always wanted her. This is an awesome post. My brother has a birthday card from Pirates of Dark Water, I just saw it in my room. My parents were trying to throw all this stuff away and I was sneaking old cards into my room. lol I look forward to what you post next!

  4. Definitely too short lived a series that's due for a reboot or something.

  5. My strongest memory of this show was in high school. I was a sophomore I believe, and sleeping over at a friend's house with a bunch of other guys. We had been playing Palladium role-playing games and took a break to talk about comic books and watch TV.

    What must have been reruns of this show came on and the other guys all kind of started mocking it. I spoke up finally and said I thought it was kind of cool. There was a pause and I thought my social life was officially over. And then the tide turned. They didn't do a complete 180 exactly, but they all started mentioning some of the stuff that was "kind of cool" about the show... and then we watched it.

    I just remember that when the show ended, they hadn't collected all of the 13 treasures... and I was crushed.