Sunday, September 15, 2013

The League: I'm Feeling Blue

There's not much to say about this week's challenge from The League of Extraordinary Bloggers. It's one of their photo-specific topics, so be prepared to be underwhelmed by what the lousy camera on my phone is capable of capturing. Am I ever blue?

From the mouths of babes or, at the very least, our babelicious leader--

It’s been a while since we’ve had a photo assignment for the weekly League of Extraordinary Blogger’s challenge. We’ve done green, and we’ve done red, so how about this time we do: 



From The Invaders #5, March 1975. Art by Rich Buckler and Dick Ayers.

From The Flash #278, October 1978. Art by Alex Savivk.

From Grimjack #28, November 1986. Art by Tom Sutton and Paul Guinan.

From The Secret Society of Super-Villains #15, June 1978. Art by Mike Vosburg and Bob Smith.

From The Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel, 1982. Art by Jim Starlin.

Meanwhile, with the rest of The League--

Neato Coolville's Collection of Blue.

Don't forget to color Stunt Zombies blue.

Boo Bobby talks blue, but I can't help but think of Boo Berry.

You'll never feel blue after a visit to the Happy Haunted Sunshine House.

The Goodwill Geek's blue makes me green with envy.

Miss M and Fifty Shades of Blue Hair.

See some of my all-time favorite movie posters [yes, Videodrome!] over at Vikki Verka.

And for all the rest, go check out Cool & Collected..!


  1. You picked some good photos! That death of Captain Marvel photo is so sad looking, yet really cool. I sometimes wish the comics of now looked like they did back then. I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your Sunday.

    1. Jim Starlin never comes up when I think of my favorite artists/illustrators, but the man sure could put together some impressive panels. The Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel is just full of beautiful work.

      Hope the weekend was good to you, Miss M..!

  2. Wish they would make 4 inch figures out of those characters. I know we had some....But we need many many more.

    1. I was briefly collecting the Marvel Universe line. There was no shortage of characters that I wanted in that scale. Like, literally, every obscure, b- or c-list character, supporting cast members or civilian identities.

  3. Lots of Blue in those pics and am not too familiar with Grimjack so am going to have to do some looking up on that one.

    1. Yeah... I have this vague memory of a guy with an eye-patch...?

    2. Grimjack is probably, more than likely, somewhere in my Top Ten Comic Titles of All-Time. Easily my favorite small-press/indie book from the '80s. John Ostrander wrote the entire series for First Comics, and it was illustrated by a ton of super-talented artists whose names all happen to start with the letter T-- Tim Truman, Tom Mandrake and Tom Sutton. All fantastic.

  4. You did good, kid. You did good. I think my favorites are the last two, just always a sucker for big group shots... with a twist.

    1. I was hoping to get a better shot of the Captain Marvel panel. The surrounding mourners loop around to the other side of the bed, but I just couldn't get it to line up right on my phone. I made sure to highlight my favorites, though; the Defenders [including Devil-Slayer!] and Yellowjacket/Hank Pym.