Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not Quite Junk Mail

There's been a severe lack of updates here, but you can all stop calling me Braddock because I will no longer be M.I.A from here on out. Or maybe I'll disappear again in a couple days, who knows. It doesn't matter.

What does matter is the reason I've returned to you today. Risen from the grave like Jesus Crite himself.

Yup, you heard me.


See, it all started a week ago when I was checking out my usual blogs and I stumbled upon the latest from Freddy in Space. Now, if there was ever a blog that was keeping the horror-community [which I sorta' sometimes skate on the outskirts of] up-to-date with all the craziest stuff going on, it's probably that one. Whether it's the latest gossip concerning a sequel to Killer Klowns From Outer Space or a good look at the newest offerings from toy-companies like NECA. Of course, Johnny also likes to draw attention to more independent projects.

Like Chelsea Bloxsom's Love & a Sandwich.

There is a particular item that he highlighted from her store that I saw and immediately fell in love with. A little over a week after his original post and that item arrived to me today.

That's the envelope that I found waiting for me this morning when I got home from work. It made my extremely early morning shift totally worth it, just to find this sitting on the counter when I walked in the door.

Now, spoilers, there is an absolutely adorable "teaser" that Chelsea drew on the envelope and I think I might love it nearly as much as I love what was lurking inside. Normally, I enjoy tearing into the packages I receive, but I was super-careful in opening this one so I could preserve the little drawing forever and ever and ever.

Too cute, sure, but nowhere near as cute [or as deadly] as the envelope's contents.

I could type out a million heart emoticon things and it wouldn't come close to the love that I feel for this home-made Crite.


Yeah, it's a hand [and machine] sewn Crite from the Critters film series.

I have vague, but fond, memories of the first two Critters movies from when I was a kid. And I saw the first few bits of their adventures in space from the fourth installment back in college. It wasn't until recently that I finally got around to watching Parts III and IV in their entirety and god, I loved them so. It seems total zeitgeist that these gorgeous plush Crites would have been brought to my attention so soon after catching up with their movie counterparts exploits.

Oh, and please, everyone go check out Chelsea's shop and blog. Besides the lovable, vicious Crites, she's created all sorts of incredible plush wonders that are just looking for a home. Plus, there's "pet" projects inspired by Star Wars, Dark Crystal and Adventure Time, so besides being an amazing talent when it comes to sewing, she also has impeccable taste in movies/television.

Seriously, don't hesitate. I didn't and look at this wonderful creature that I will now love forever and also have to worry about devouring me in my sleep.



  1. Been awhile since I've seen Critters but man that's pretty cool!

  2. That is so incredibly cool!!! How did they manage to lose absolutely NONE of the blood-thirsty-ness of the Crite and still make him ADORABLE at the same time!?!?

    I've been trying to track down that 4-movie dvd set they put out for 5 bucks awhile ago at Wal-Mart a while back. NEED to see me that whole series of films!

    1. I somehow got my hands on DVDs of Part III and IV some time back, so passed when I saw the 4-pack a little while later. And I own Part II on VHS, so it's weird that the only one I don't own is the original.

      The two later films are awful but entertaining. Definitely worth watching if you have three-hours to waste.