Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The "One Man's Trash..." Free Giveaway Results

The polls are closed and the results are in. Your votes have been tallied. Names written on little bits of scrap paper. Those pieces of paper were tossed into a Halloween bucket and one name was drawn because there can be only one. It is a process that is more rigorous and more efficient than any reality TV show's, so you take that Shakira and Simon Cowell and especially you, Howie Mandel. I don't care if you did voice Gizmo and Bobby from Bobby's World and some other things that aren't as great. We are totally professional here at this poorly named blog and we might, but definitely are, better than you.


The winner of the very first "One Man's Trash..." Free Giveaway is-- 

The Goodwill Geek.

So, first things first, congratulations to our winner. I'll be bugging you shortly to work out the details, you lucky devil.

Part B: I really want to thank everyone for participating, whether it was simply leaving a comment or following the blog or seeking out other posts and giving those a try too. It really means a lot to me that people care enough to take the time to share stories or a few kind words here with me. And to really thank each and every one of you that took part in my first contest, I'm offering consolation prizes to all.

All you have to do is shoot me an email at this address-- my_pet_robot@yahoo.com --sometime within the next 48 hours.

It isn't much, just a little something straight from the Trash Pile, but it's offered with my sincerest thanks. I hope to hear from each of you.

Also, hey, I already sorta' referenced it, but this isn't the only contest I'll be hosting. My long-term plan is to offer up a Prize Pack every month to loyal readers and friends. Feel free to keep an eye out for the next one sometime in the near future and thank you all again for taking part!


  1. I WON THE TRASH!?!?!?!?!?


    I am seriously so incredibly excited about this!!! You know what you are in store for? AN INCREDIBLY LONG AND PAINFULLY DRAWN OUT POST DETAILING EVERYTHING I HAVE WON!!!

    No. Seriously. I am so excited to have won this. I am so thankful. You really have no idea. I have just recovered from a horrible bout of some sort of stomach flu (well... I'm still... recovering...) and also an argument with my wife (we've made up but we're in that tense, post-fight phase where we laugh too loudly at each other's jokes, etc.) and it's just been an incredibly crappy couple of days.

    This was a HUGE pick me up. You seriously have no idea.

    Thank you. Don't give up all you other guys and gals!!! Maybe someda you can be just like me and win a big box of... someone's... wait... is this trash I'm winning?

    That Army Ant better actually be in there.

    1. It's mostly trash, yeah, but there's an Army Ant in there definitely for sure. And some other junk you might enjoy? Maybe some nearly out of date Ghoul-Aid [which was actually going to be part of the prize-pack until I realized it expires in two weeks] and some bootleg vending machine prizes.

      No Homies, though. Sorry.