Wednesday, January 21, 2015

One Month Later

Excuses and apologies.

They've become par for the course around these parts the last several months. It looks like I run a blog of infrequent updates and broken promises. I'm back and gone again, back and gone again, until the inevitable day where the posts just stop altogether. Too easily distracted by social medias that require the bare minimum of effort; Twitter with its 140-character "updates" and an Instagram full of quick pics with little thought put into each caption. Both accounts have already well surpassed this blog in terms of followers, which shouldn't bother me at all, but totally does.

I feel pathetic admitting that, because how can I expect anyone to come here and stick around when there's never any new content.

Oh, but the plans that I had when I started It's Trash Culture. There's always plans that wind up as broken promises to myself, ideas that never materialize or projects that end long before they truly begin. All these self-fulfilling prophecies of doom whenever I think of attempting something creative. The evidence speaks for itself.

This is what several years worth of notes looks like. Lunch-breaks and late nights spent jotting down concepts, scenes and snippets of dialogue. Yeah, I've always wanted to write comic books. I grew up wanting to create worlds full of ridiculous characters and trippy adventures and all the brightly-colored bullshit that I read and loved in the pages of my favorite comics. It's one of the few things that I have wanted to do since I was a kid, but besides the scribbles you see up above, well, I haven't made any attempts to achieve this life-goal. Some of these concepts are over a decade old, so it seems unlikely they'll ever move beyond those index cards and random sheets of paper.

I realized earlier that this blog was starting to suffer a similar fate. Wasting time trying to brainstorm ideas for posts, writing them down on the back of receipts and scraps of napkins, but never taking the time to post them. Sometimes I'd go so far as to take pictures, upload them with the intention of sharing them here, but I'd get distracted, too easily distracted, by reruns of The Golden Girls or napping on the couch.

I could go for a nap right now, actually.

All this may mean nothing going forward, but my hope is that I finally get my fucking act together and start posting here more. No promises, no guarantees, but I hope.

I hope.


  1. Dude, I so feel you! I frankly don't get Twitter at all, but Instagram consumes me! I've made some friends and pen pals, made some toy trades, and I have posted some sweet pics n' stuff, but it really divides my attention. I have 306 Instagram followers and 28 members of my blog DI Treasures.

    I'm a bit of a lazy writer. I much prefer to yammer on. I was finally able to get in front of a camera. My brother-in-law works in the film industry and shot some footage for Episode 1 of my up and coming YouTube channel. The only problem is I need to now edit the footage, establish a channel, upload everything, etc etc, and I don't know what the crap I'm doing!

    I have so much on my plate, and I'm also kind of lazy. Hopefully soon my show will become a reality. Then I can interview you and other blogging buddies via Skype or something. Until then it's still a pipe dream. I don't expect a huge viewership or anything, but I hope people watch it and enjoy it.

    I wish you all the best with Trash Culture! I am here for the long haul and always enjoy your posts, though I don't always comment I have read every single one! You know how to write man, and your blog has entertained me to no end!

    "Just follow your heart. That's what I do."

    -Nappy D. (Napoleon Dynamite)

    1. Appreciate the kind words, Mason.

      It's great that you're looking to expand into other mediums with your Youtube videos. I saw the intro that you shot and edited the other day and it's pretty fantastic; particularly loved the shot of the skeleton-guy "dancing" in the window. I'm looking forward to your future episodes, and would like to help out in any capacity I can.

  2. "Just do it" - NIKE (and also that guy from my suicide hotline)

    1. The Guy From Your Suicide Hotline probably doesn't get a whole lot of repeat callers. Which is not good for business, bro.

  3. You post when you can post brother and that is all you can do....and I know all too well the ease of use of Instagram now too.

  4. I'm tempted to propose an Instagram free month for those that are willing to participate. I know I tend to use it too much, when I should be writing about junk food or old toys I used to own.

    It's hard to blog, just because it requires you to use the biggest distraction out there: The Internet. I find myself straying off to forums or Youtube halfway through a post, and have to drag myself back to what I was doing. I guess what I'm saying is, it's tough. Regardless, I'll be looking forward to your next post, whether it's a day from now, or a month.

  5. I'm still watching as well - do what you enjoy, never let it be a chore you hate (we all have too many of those!) - but if you really do enjoy the blog experience then we look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

  6. I feel you, man, and I don't even use Instagram that much. Sometimes I'm scraping my brain for a post idea just to put something up. I hated the post I tossed together last week using an old Kodak camera ad but it got a few people to comment so I guess it turned out pretty good.
    Stick with what makes you happy.

  7. Yep. Instagram killed the blogging star.