Friday, December 13, 2013

Have Yourself a Merry Jason X-Mas

I can't believe that Friday the 13th fell so close to this Christmas holiday and I didn't think to plan something special to celebrate the occasion. I could have made gingerbread Jasons or sat down with a glass of eggnog and watched Part VII: The New Blood.

What a waste..!


  1. Replies
    1. He's from Funko's Horror Mystery Minis. One of the latest blind-box lines to hit shelves. I bought one and got the figure that I wanted most; the 8-bit, NES-inspired Jason Voorhees.

      He's pretty gorgeous, right?

    2. Where do you usually find those Funko Minis? That Jason looks amazing.

    3. I got mine at Newbury Comics, a New England-based chain of music shops, but I've seen 'em at most of my local comic specialty shops. And, like The Goodwill Geek, I know they're sold at Hot Topics, too.

  2. I got Pennywise and 2 Sams (from Trick R' Treat) at Hot Topic

    1. The 8-bit Jason is really the only figure I was looking for, so I totally lucked out that he was in the first [and only] box I bought. I wouldn't have minded a Sam or Ash or Leatherface, but they're not must-owns.

  3. I love how the Doctor is in there just kinda randomly.